AIN Single Crystal Substrate
  • AIN Single Crystal SubstrateAIN Single Crystal Substrate
  • AIN Single Crystal SubstrateAIN Single Crystal Substrate

AIN Single Crystal Substrate

AIN Single Crystal Substrate has the advantages of a wide bandgap, high breakdown electric field, high thermal conductivity, high electron saturation rate, and high radiation resistance. Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies AlN Single Crystal Substrate with high-quality and competitive price. With our strong R&D and manufacturing capability, we can do customization.

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Product Description

You can rest assured to buy customized Nextgen AIN Single Crystal Substrate from us. AlN single crystal substrate is a wide bandgap semiconductor material with exceptional characteristics.

The band gap is 6.2eV and has a direct band gap. It is an important blue and ultraviolet light-emitting material with high thermal conductivity, high melting point, high resistivity, strong breakdown field and low dielectric coefficient. It is an excellent electronic material for high temperature, high frequency and high-power devices.

In view of the excellent physical properties of the above-mentioned AlN materials, AlN crystals are ideal substrates for GaN, AlGaN and AlN epitaxial materials. Compared with sapphire or SiC substrates.


Item TGS-AlN-025B
Size (mm)  25.4 ± 0.5
Thickness (μm) 400 ± 50
Crystal form 2H
Crystal direction {0001} ± 0.5 °
Surface polishing aluminum surface: chemical polishing
RMS (nm) Roughness of aluminum surface: ≤ 0.5nm
RMS (nm) Nitrogen side (back): ≤ 1.2um
Shape Circular shape with locating edge
Quality grade P (production)
HRXRD  FWHM @(0002) (arcsec) ≤300
HRXRD FWHM  @(10-02) (arcsec) ≤200
absorption coefficient ≤70
@265nm (cm-1)
Edge removal area (mm) 1
Scratch free
Collapse edge none
Usable area ≥80%
Main positioning edge orientation {10-10} ± 5.0°
Orientation of secondary positioning surface to aluminum: surface: rotate 90 ° ± 5 ° clockwise along the direction of main
positioning edge
Nitrogen side: rotate 90 ° ± 5 ° anticlockwise along the direction of the main positioning edge
TTV (μm) ≤ 30
Warpage (µ m) ≤ 30
BOW (μm) ≤ 30
Crack The crack is located at the edge of the wafer and < 1mm
Hexagonal hole  size<300um, and number ≤ 2

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