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  • Nitride silicon, a ceramic material with exceptional properties, has found widespread applications in various fields. Possessing high hardness and resistance to both heat and corrosion, nitride silicon is an ideal material for use in harsh environments. In the automotive industry, it is utilized in engine components, ensuring durability and performance even under extreme temperatures. Its excellent thermal stability also makes it suitable for use in aerospace, where it can withstand the intense heat generated during flight.


  • Beryllium oxide has a melting point of 255 °C and a density of 3.03g/cm3. The stability is excellent when heated, especially the resistance to reduction is strong, of all oxides beryllium oxide is the most resistant to carbon reduction at high temperatures. BeO thermal conductivity is very high, but conductivity is very low. Beryllium oxide at low temperature mechanical strength is relatively small, but at 1600℃, mechanical strength is basically unchanged, is the highest pressure strength of oxides at this temperature.


  • B4C has a wide range of applications. This article is a brief summary of its applications.


  • Scandium fluoride (ScF₃) is a compound that has garnered attention for its unique properties and diverse applications across various industries. This article explores the characteristics of scandium fluoride, its current applications, and the potential it holds for future advancements.


  • Comparison of Magnesium oxide stabilized zirconia and Yttrium stabilized zirconia ceramics


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