Graphite Ceramic

Nextgen Advanced Materials is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high purity Graphite Evaporation Materials and a wide variety of evaporation materials. We offer our evaporation materials in powder and granule form. Customized forms are also available upon request.

Graphite Ceramic have many related products:Pyrolytic Graphite Crucible,Pyrolytic Graphite Tube,Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Composite Heating Element etc.

Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies high-quality and consistent advanced Graphite Ceramic products to meet our customers' R&D and production needs. By frequently visiting these manufacturers and understanding their production, quality control, administration and management sections, we have carried out faithful cooperation over the years and built profound working partnerships with our customers. 
As such, we are confident that Nextgen Advanced materials will be your favorite precise ceramics supplier and business partner! We have our own factory to produce Graphite Ceramic, we will be a supplier with price advantage.
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  • CVD process delivers extremely high purity and theoretical density of SiC coating with no porosity. With this process, Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies Silicon Carbide Coated Graphite Tray with high quality and fast delivery. Customization is also available.

  • Nextgen Advanced Materials INC is a professional leader Silicon Carbide Tray manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us. Silicon carbide is an ideal material for trays. It has good corrosion resistance, great mechanical strength under high temperature and excellent wear resistance. Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies SiC Tray with high quality and fast delivery. Customization is also available.

  • You can rest assured to buy Nextgen Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Composite Heating Element from our factory. We hope to establish friendly cooperative relationship with your company with high quality products, reasonable price, considerate service and create a better future hand in hand. As both PG (Pyrolytic Graphite) and PBN (Pyrolytic Boron Nitride) are extremely pure (99.99% or even higher) and very stable in vaccum or inert atmosphere, the PBN-PG composite heating element could be very durable and keep the chamber clean. Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies PBN/PG Composite Heating Element with high quality and fast delivery. Customization is available too.

  • Pyrolytic graphite is a new carbon material, produced with high purity hydrocarbon gas in a certain furnace pressure, in 1800 ℃ ~ 2000 ℃ on the graphite substrate by chemical vapor deposition of the higher crystalline orientation, which has a high density, high purity and thermal, electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties of anisotropy, while still maintaining a vacuum of 10mmHg at 1800 ℃. Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies pyrolytic graphite tube with high quality and fast delivery. Customization is also available.

  • Pyrolytic graphite crucible is synthesized by chemical vapor deposition process(CVD). Carbon source for this process is natural gas, such as methane. Since the purity of gas is easier to be controlled than solid graphite, the purity of pyrolytic graphite material could be extremely high. Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies pyrolytic graphite crucible with high quality and fast delivery. Customization is also available.

Graphite Ceramic is one kind of products from Nextgen factory. As the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers, we provide customized products. For a better future, we will strive to provide Graphite Ceramic in stock with quick delivery. With competitive prices, we are expecting become your long-term partner.
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