Zirconium Ceramic

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Zirconium Ceramic. Applications of zirconium ceramic span a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, healthcare, and manufacturing. Its versatility, combined with its exceptional properties, makes it a preferred material for demanding engineering and biomedical applications.
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  • Zirconium Ceramic is a silver metal with a density of 6.5 g/cm3. Zr has a very small neutron absorption cross-section and a relatively high melting point (1855 °C or 3371 °F), making zirconium a great material for nuclear power rods. In the 1990s, about 90% of zirconium produced every year was consumed by the nuclear industry. However, as more and more people get familiar with Zr and its compound, more applications have been found. Zirconium metal and Zirconium alloys have advantages in specialized chemical environments - primarily acetic and hydrochloric acids. The corrosion resistance of Zirconium comes from a tightly adhered oxide that forms almost instantaneously. As a result, zirconium has been used to make electrode components, foils, flanges bolts, tubes, and rods for special applications. Zirconium products also have wide applications in medical equipment, such as zirconium implants. As Zirconium sheets have better mechanical strength under high temperature, it is also used as support and structure components for high-temperature applications.

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