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Quarterly Review Meeting Organized


On April 22nd, the company held the 1st quarter review meeting in the office building. The general manager Martin said, “I am pleased that we delivered on our commitments this quarter while strategically investing at scale for future growth. Our deep and trusted client relationships are again reflected in clients with quarterly orders of more than $5 million. And we continue to lead our industry in ceramics. I am incredibly grateful to all the colleagues in the company, who are steadfastly dedicated to helping our clients achieve their ambition to grow and thrive in the years ahead.”

All department heads made a speech about the review in the past quarter. Both sales team and R&D team have achieved the outstanding performances in the past three months. Our business now not only covers USA locally, but also expand overseas like Asia, Europe and Oceania.

The company now has a very good prospect in next quarter. Everyone is fully energetic to their roles and dedication to our customers.


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