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Use of zirconia balls.

Zirconia ball belongs to a class of grinding beads, its density 6.0, bulk specific gravity 3.2, containing about 95% zirconium, containing about yttrium 4.8%, also known as 95 yttrium stabilized zirconia ball.Zirconia ball can be used in stirring mill, sand mill, ball mill as grinding medium.Zirconia ball has been successfully used in heavy calcium, zirconium silicate, paint ink, kaolin, ceramic ink, ceramic, glaze, iron ore and other fields.

High grinding efficiency of zirconia ball: due to the high density of zirconia ball, it has greater grinding kinetic energy at the same speed, and the grinding efficiency is 2-3 times higher than that of ordinary ceramic beads. You can get a better effect. Impact resistance and low wear: Due to the high content of zirconium bead ZrO2, it has the advantages of high density, high toughness, low wear, no crushing ball, peeling, etc., and small pollution to the abrasive dispersion. The wear is 4-10 times lower than that of ordinary ceramic beads.

Zirconia ball has high strength and toughness at room temperature, good wear resistance, high temperature corrosion resistance, high stiffness, no magnetic conductivity, electrical insulation. At 600℃, the intensity and hardness of zhuan zirconium oxide spheres were almost unchanged, and the density was 6.00g/cm3.

The thermal expansion rate is close to that of metal, and can be used in conjunction with metal. Suitable for bearings, seals, etc. There is no limit to the use of zirconia balls in ball abrasives, the key is the quality of zirconia balls. Zirconia ball has high ratio and good wear resistance.

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