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Nextgen Advanced Materials INC promotes researches of labs and universities with its latest products

Nextgen Advanced Materials INC promots researches of labs and universities with its latest products

BOISE, Idaho — December 29, 2022 — Nextgen Advanced Materials, the leading advanced materials company dedicated to helping labs, universities and factories generate revenue through a variety of materials, today announced expanded offerings to customers to help them rapidly obtain their required materials, including Cordierite ceramic tubes, YTZP yttria zirconia beads, Beryllium oxide heat sinks among others.  

Despite economic conditions, Nextgen Advanced Materials continues to increase its product lines. In 2022, 68% of its buyers said they are increasing their budget to purchase from Nextgen next year. As buyers spend more with the new advanced materials, they are further expanding their production, R&D capabilities, streamline their procurement process, and operate more efficiently, thus saving their expenditures by a large scale. At the same time, Nextgen also tries to serve its customers with considerable services, optimized delivery process and in-time response to customers’ inquiry.   

In the future, Nextgen Advanced Materials will keep its pace to promote its service standards and product quality to ensure that all customers purchase all kinds of products as they desire. “All our goal is to help our customers purchase high quality materials and promote their R&D and production without adding additional resources,” said Vivenry, CEO of Nextgen Advanced Materials. 

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