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Classification of functional ceramic materials


Conductive ceramics: It has good electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance, and is the key material of the collector in the magnetic fluid power generation device.

Semiconductor ceramics: Refers to polycrystalline ceramic materials formed by ceramic technology.

High-temperature superconducting ceramics: Refers to functional ceramic materials that have a higher superconducting temperature than metals.

Dielectric ceramics: ceramic materials with high insulation resistance, high withstand voltage, small dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, high mechanical strength and good chemical stability

Piezoelectric ceramics: There is no center of symmetry in the crystal structure of piezoelectric ceramics, so it has piezoelectric effect, that is, it has the function of conversion and inverse conversion between mechanical energy and electrical energy.

Magnetic ceramic materials: Divided into hard magnetic and soft magnetic materials, the former is easy to magnetize and not easy to lose magnetism. . Representative hard magnetic materials are ferrite magnets and rare earth magnets, which are mainly used in magnets and magnetic storage elements. Soft magnetic materials can be magnetized and demagnetized, and the direction of the magnetic field can be changed. They are mainly used for electronic components with alternating magnetic fields.

Nano functional ceramics: Nano functional ceramics are new high-tech ceramics with antibacterial, activation, adsorption, filtration and other functions used in air purification and water treatment.

Transparent functional ceramics: transparent functional ceramic materials are optically transparent functional materials, which have excellent electro-optic effects in addition to all the basic characteristics of general ferroelectric ceramics.

Health function ceramics: make negative ion functional powder into human health products, mainly using negative ions to neutralize metabolites in the body and oxygen free radicals produced by infection; oxygen free radicals are extremely unstable substances, when negative ions After the excess electrons carried by the periphery are neutralized, the various hazards of oxygen free radicals can be eliminated, such as destroying the self-plasma and cell membranes, accelerating arteriosclerosis, suppressing immune function, causing cancer, and aging human organs.

Self-cleaning functional ceramics: Self-cleaning functional ceramics are composed of two main parts: ceramic matrix and self-cleaning functional materials. It refers to adding one or other kinds of antibacterial, bactericidal, antifouling, Materials with deodorizing and air-purifying functions. These functional materials must be attached to the ceramics with strong tendon binding force or integrated with the ceramics themselves, and at the same time do not cause any harm to the human body. The multifunctional ceramics made in this way are called autonomous ceramics. clean ceramics.

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