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NAM delivers lanthanum hexaboride products to its customer


According to the requirements of its cusotmer, Nextgen Advanced Materials or NAM carefully arranged design and production of the first batch of  customized lanthanum hexaboride products for its customer in January 2023. Recently, these products have been smoothly delivered to the customer.

Lanthanum hexaboride or LaB6 has many superior properties, such as electronic emission strength, radiation resistance, high temperature chemical stability and other properties, so that it has a wide range of applications in the military field and many high-tech fields, such as radar, aerospace, electronics industry, instrumentation, medical instruments, home appliances, metallurgy and other industries. Single crystal lanthanum boride is the preferred material for making high power electron tube, magnetron, electron beam, ion beam, accelerator cathode and other devices. 

In the future, Nam will continue make efforts to meet cusotmers' needs of various lanthum hexboride products. 

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