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How to improve wear resistance of alumina crucible


When purchasing alumina crucible, do you pay attention to the material of alumina crucible? Because the material directly determines how high the temperature the crucible stands and how many times it can be heated. But when the material remains the same, what factors determine the quality of a crucible?  


In many cases, the damage to the alumina crucible exterior surface is often caused by mechanical wear, which often determines the direct cause of its surface wear. Sometimes mechanical wear has greater effect than chemical damage. For example, the refractory lining and iron ditch in the upper part of the blast furnace are often lost due to lack of wear resistance.  Thus, the wear resistance of alumina crucible is an important property.


 The wear resistance of alumina crucible depends on the composition and layout of the materials. When the material is a fine polycrystal composed of a single crystal, its wear resistance mainly depends on the hardness of the mineral crystal of the material. The higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance of products.  

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