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The Use of Zirconia Powder


The Use of Zirconia Powder

Zirconia powder has the features like strong thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, and outstanding compounding properties, making it an important component material of functional ceramics.

The compounding of zirconia powder and other materials can greatly improve the performance parameters of the composites, enhance the fracture toughness and bending strength. Therefore, zirconia powder is not only applied for the structural ceramics and functional ceramics, but also used to improve the surface properties of metal materials, such as thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, etc. When high-purity zirconia powder is mixed into other elements with the conductivity characteristics, it can be used in the electrode manufacturing in high-performance solid batteries.

Therefore, it can be seen from the above how zirconia powder plays a role in ceramics: after it is compounded with ceramic materials, it can greatly strengthen ceramic performance parameters, improve its fracture toughness and bending strength, etc. So how to select high-quality and high-quality products in the market? In fact, Nextgen Advanced Materials is a representative of the zirconia development in the new era. The company not only possesses high-tech technology and equipment, but also has a rich variety of products. Our company provides a wide range of zirconia powder products, covering monoclinic zirconia, yttrium stabilized zirconia (from 3 mol% to 8 mol%) and colored zirconia. By using two industrial zirconia production processes——natural zirconium silicate heat treatment or chemical treatment, we provide the products within the range below: purity (97.0% to 99.9%), particle size (from 15 µ m large particles to small particles below 1 μ m) and reactivity (1m²/g to 25 m²/g for some chemically treated zirconia). Our zirconia series products meet the special needs and related requirements of many ceramic applications in the aviation, automotive, electronics, and communication, providing R&D and cooperation for customers.

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