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Advantges of Ziroconia Beads


Zirconia beads are a kind of high strength, inert, hard, perfect, fine spherical particles. Ziroconia beads can be used in coatings, and they can reduce cost, increase solid content, provide performance, and improve process operating conditions.


Zirconia beads feature lower viscosity and can increase liquidity compared with other irregular shape filler. Zirconia beads can reduce the formula viscosity, increase the flow, and improve the spraying property.


Tightly packed, hard, wear-resistant, inert particles of Zirconia beads make the formula extremely durable and low-permeability, form an effective barrier against harsh weather and chemical corrosion.

Zirconia beads are transparent to UV rays up to 25nm. UV energy can pass through the entire coating, helping to cure UV curable coatings and improve construction efficiency. For electron beam curing coating applications, Zirconia beads can increase viscosity and control flow.


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