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                                                     BORON NITRIDE NOZZLE

In recent years, amorphous alloy materials have developed rapidly, and with the development of industry technology, higher requirements have been put forward for nozzle materials used in the key link of tape making. The composite ceramic material developed for amorphous strip production has excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, creep resistance and easy processing properties, which can meet the production of various amorphous strips, especially suitable for the needs of broadband amorphous strip production.


Unique process formula, optimized composition structure, the material has superior thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, creep resistance and other properties to ensure that the material does not crack and deformation during use.

Using the international advanced vacuum hot pressing sintering method, the material structure is fine, high density, with superior physical properties.

Strict material screening and process control to ensure the stability and consistency of materials.

Mature technology, rich experience, professional technical support, according to customer needs, highly flexible production.


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