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BeO ceramics


Every time we talk about beryllium oxide (BeO), the first thinking is that it's toxic to amateurs and professionals alike.


Although beryllium oxide is toxic, beryllium oxide ceramics are not toxic.


At present, the BeO ceramics has been used in high performance, high power microwave, high frequency electronic transistor packaging, high density circuit chip components, the heat generated by the system can timely dissipated by using BeO materials, to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.


In addition to high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, ceramic materials also need to have better structural stability. Neutron reflections and moderators for nuclear fuel are usually made of beryllium oxide, B4C, or graphite. The high temperature irradiation stability of BeO ceramics is better than that of metal: Higher density than beryllium metal; the strength is better at high temperature; high thermal conductivity, cheaper than beryllium metal.

All these excellent properties make it more suitable for use as reflectors, moderators and dispersed phase combustion assemblies in reactors.


In fact, BeO ceramic is a kind of refractory material.


In addition, the BeO ceramic crucible can be used to melt rare and precious metals, especially in metals or alloys requiring high purity, while the operating temperature of the crucible can reach 2000 ° C.


Due to its high melting temperature (2550 ° C) and high chemical stability (alkali), thermal stability and purity, BeO ceramics can be used for molten glazes and plutonium.


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