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What is LK-99?


LK-99 is considered a potential room-temperature superconductor.Researchers Lee Soo-bae, Kim Ji-hoon and Kwon Young-won said the material showed superconductivity at temperatures below 127 degrees Celsius and ambient pressure.This means that even under normal conditions, it can maintain a superconducting state.

It is worth mentioning that the name of the material is composed of the initials of Lee and Kim and the year of discovery.They found traces of LK-99 during a study in 1999.The pair are committed to exploring the properties of the material.This includes exploring its potential superconducting properties

Note that a superconductor is a material that has zero resistance and repels magnetic fields.When cooled below their respective critical temperatures, they exhibit superconductivity in particular.This fact has hindered their widespread application, even though they are clearly superior to ordinary conductors such as copper.

Take note that superconductors are materials that have zero electrical resistance and repel magnetic fields. They specifically exhibit superconductivity when cooled below their respective critical temperatures. This fact impedes their widespread applications despite their apparent advantageous applications over normal conductors like copper.

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