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The main application areas of high precision zirconia ceramic balls


           The main application areas of high precision zirconia ceramic balls

Fan ball

Zirconia ceramic Valerian ball has excellent resistance to strong acid and strong alkali, is not easy to wear, has strong durability, and can still maintain high mechanical strength at high temperatures. The ceramic ball prepared by isostatic pressing process has good surface quality and no porosity, which can ensure the sealing performance of the ceramic ball. In addition, the zirconia ball formed by isostatic pressing has uniform density and stable mechanical properties, which can effectively reduce the probability of failure of the Valer ball. The actual use shows that the Valer ball or finished ball prepared by zirconia ball billet is significantly improved in corrosion resistance, wear resistance, erosion resistance and other properties than the metal Valer ball currently used, which can extend the service life of the pump 3~5 times.

Perforated zirconia ceramic ball

Note: valve, a one-way valve, generally composed of an outer shell, and an inner ball and ball seat, when the fluid

passes through the ball, the ball leaves the ball seat, the flow channel is open, the fluid can pass through, when the fluid flows backward, under the pressure (or other forces) of the ball sitting on the ball seat, the flow channel is closed, the flow channel is closed. The fluid cannot pass through Val.

Fine zirconia ceramic ball

Zirconia ceramic balls in other applications:

1, corrosion-resistant ceramic industry: textile, chemical, steel, food, general industrial machinery, motor, machine

tools, etc.

2, high temperature ceramic industry: steel, chemical, automotive, vacuum equipment, general machinery, motor and so


3, high speed machinery industry: machine tools, automobiles, aircraft, satellites, motors, general industrial machinery,

vacuum equipment, etc.

4, insulation industry: machine tools, conveying machinery, subway vehicles, etc.

5, non-magnetic working machinery: nuclear reactors, semiconductor devices, etc.

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