Spherical Zirconia Powder
  • Spherical Zirconia PowderSpherical Zirconia Powder

Spherical Zirconia Powder

Nextgen Advanced Materials INC is a professional leader Spherical Zirconia Powder manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Spherical Zirconium Powder features high purity, uniform particle size, and spherical shape and is used as an alloying agent. Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies Spherical Zirconium Powder with high quality and fast delivery, and customized products are also available.

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You can rest assured to buy Nextgen Spherical Zirconia Powder from our factory. Nextgen Advanced Materials INC continually strives to offer competitive pricing and on-time delivery while maintaining stringent standards of quality. Spherical Zirconium Powder has the characteristics of high purity, uniform particle size, and spherical shape. Zirconium is a lustrous, gray-white, strong transition metal that resembles titanium. Zirconium is used as an alloying agent due to its high resistance to corrosion. It is very corrosion resistant and is utilized extensively by the chemical industry where corrosive agents are used.


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Spherical Zirconium Powder Specifications







Melting Point


Boiling Point


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