Violet Zirconia Powder
  • Violet Zirconia PowderViolet Zirconia Powder

Violet Zirconia Powder

Violet Zirconia Powder belongs to SAM Zirconium Oxide (Zirconia) product series. Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies Violet Zirconia Powder with high quality and fast delivery, and customized products are also available.

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Product Description

Nextgen Advanced Materials INC is a professional leader Violet Zirconia Powder manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. We provide 2 types of violet zirconia powder: granular and spray-drying powders. They can meet different requirements of different production processes like dry pressing, isostatic pressing, injection, tape casting, and so on.

Violet Zirconia Powder Specifications



Working Temperature




Dark Violet



Typical indicators: 3Y-PSZ≥95%
Pigment composition≤5%
Typical specific gravity≥5.85g / cm3

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