Alumina Rod
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Alumina Rod

Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies technical ceramic products such as Alumina Rods with high purity and tight dimensional tolerance. Our Aluminum oxide rod has superb performance in electrical insulation, high chemical resistance, and low thermal expansion. Customization is available too.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Nextgen Alumina Rod. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. Alumina rod is widely used in the field of electronics, machanical sealing, petrochemical engineering and automotive part. High-temperature resistance, good weary resistance and insulating are our product's features  


Parameters UNIT Al 99 Al 95
Al₂O₃  Content % 99 95
Density g/m3 3.85 3.6
water absorption % 0 0
Sintering temperature °C 1690 1670
Hardness HV 1700 1600
Compressive strength Kgf/cm2 30000 25000
Max. Working Temperature °C 1500 1400
Thermal Conductivity W/(m K) 31 22
Volume Resistivity  Ω.cm >1012 >1012
Dielectric Constant MHZ(E) 9.2-10.5 9.0-10
Customization Available Available

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