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NAM holds Production & Sales Report Meeting

New York- Today, Tony, CEO of Nextgen Advanced Materials, presided over a meeting of the company to discuss the production, delivery and after-sales service of NAM’s products such as ceramic tubes, YTZP yttria zirconia beads, beryllium oxide heat sinks. During the meeting, Tony gave directions to the staff of NAM to make great efforts to carry out strategic business development activities (e.g., expansion in existing advanced materials markets and entering new markets, price setting, definition of sales regions and responsibilities) better serve a wide range of customers such as labs, universities, plants and others. All staff actively presented their plans for further improving product quality, delivery efficiency and service level for our regular customers and new customers. At the end of the meeting, the staff who made realized excellent performance in sales of alumina ceramic, boron carbide ceramic, lanthanum hexaboride ceramic, and mullite Ceramic was granted an award of “Sales Elite”. The winners of the award including Landy expressed their confidence in future marketing of NAM. 
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