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Research and Application of High Performance Ceramic Materials


        Application prospects of high-performance ceramic materials: High-performance ceramics are an integral part of new materials, and they are widely used in energy, electronics, aerospace, machinery, automobiles, metallurgy, petrochemical and biological aspects of the national economy. In the future, it has become an indispensable key material in various industrial technologies, especially cutting-edge technologies. In the modernization of national defense, the development of weapons and equipment is also inseparable from special ceramic materials. With the rapid development of the national economy, the continuous improvement of industrial technology, the continuous improvement of people's lives and the needs of national defense modernization, there is an urgent need for a large number of special ceramic products, and the market prospect is very broad. The petrochemical industry requires a large number of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant ceramic components, such as ball valves, cylinder liners, etc. The textile industry needs a large number of wear-resistant ceramic parts, such as ceramic scissors, godet wheels, etc. Ceramic materials with special properties required by the national defense industry, such as bulletproof armor ceramics, high-temperature light-resistant heat-insulating materials, ceramic materials for aerospace mirrors, ceramic materials for concentrators for lasers, infrared absorption, and infrared emission.

         High-performance ceramics are generally divided into structural ceramics and functional ceramics, and some are also divided into ceramic coatings and ceramic composite materials. Structural ceramics are mainly used in thermomechanical parts and wear-resistant parts, such as heat exchangers such as knives, bearings, sealing rings, valves, bulletproof materials, and bioceramics, by virtue of their high temperature resistance, high strength, and wear resistance. The main materials are Si3 N4, SiC, ZrO2, Al2 O3, SiALON, etc.

          High-performance ceramic materials have obtained key applications in many fields, especially in many high-tech fields, and have extensive and irreplaceable roles in high-tech fields such as aerospace, national defense, and civil use. % speed development. Functional ceramics are mainly used in insulators in the fields of national defense, aerospace, machinery, chemical industry, construction, etc., substrates of integrated circuits, capacitors, piezoelectric and ferroelectric and sensitive components, etc. One of the class of materials (metals, ceramics, polymers and composites). The main materials are Ba TiO3, ZnO, Ph) O3, AlN, ZrO2, etc. Ceramic powder is the basic material for the development of high-performance ceramics, an important part of high-performance ceramics, and plays a very important role in the development of special ceramics.
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