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Characteristics and Advantages of Zirconia Mortar


Nextgen Advanced Materials provides high quality zirconia mortars which have the following special characteristics and advantages.

1. Zirconia mortar has the advantages of good wear resistance, high strength, small wear and so on. It is used for the grinding measurement of rare earth materials, which can ensure that the raw materials will not be doped with other impurities to the greatest extent.

2. Zirconia material has high hardness, high strength, high toughness, excellent wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance and other excellent physical and chemical properties. Zirconia has been widely used in ceramics, refractory materials, machinery, electronics, optics, optical fiber communication, watches and ornaments, aerospace, biology, chemistry and so on various fields.

3. Pure zirconia is a kind of advanced refractory raw materials. Its melting temperature is about 2900℃, it can improve the high temperature viscosity of the glaze and expand the temperature range of viscosity change. It has good thermal stability, its content is 2%-3%, and can improve the anti-cracking performance of the glaze. Also due to its chemical inertness, it can improve the chemical stability and acid and alkali resistance of glaze, but also plays the role of emulsion. 

4. Pure zirconia is white solid, containing impurities so it looks gray or pale yellow. If we add chromogenic agent, it can also display all kinds of other colors. The molecular weight of pure zirconia is 123.22, the theoretical density is 5.89g/cm3, and the melting point is 2715℃. The Benefits of ZICONIA Mortar

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