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Properties and application of boron nitride B₄C ceramics


                              Properties and application of boron nitride B₄C ceramics


1) Boron Nitride -- fine and advanced abrasive material. Because of its high grinding efficiency, boron carbide is mainly used in the grinding process of materials as a grinding medium, such as grinding, grinding, drilling and polishing of hard materials such as gemstones, ceramics, cutters, bearings, hard alloys, etc.

2) Boron Nitride -- the first choice of industrial ceramic materials. Products made by pressing boron carbide powder: sandblasting nozzle, sealing ring, nozzle, bearing, plunger of mud pump and rocket launcher, ceramic coating of warship and helicopter, etc., as a new material, are widely used in sandblasting machinery, electronics, information, aerospace, automobile and other industries due to their high melting point, high hardness, high elastic modulus, strong wear resistance and good self-lubrication.

3) Boron Nitride shielding and control material -- safety guarantee of nuclear industry. Because of its large thermal neutron capture cross section, excellent neutron absorption and radiation resistance, boron carbide material is internationally recognized as the best control material and shielding material for nuclear reactors.

4) Boron Nitride bulletproof armor - strengthen national defense. Due to its high strength and small specific gravity, it is particularly suitable for use in light bulletproof armor, such as aircraft, vehicles, ships and human protection.

5) Boron Nitride alloy powder -- improve the service life of mechanical parts. Boron carbide powder is combined with metal to form metal-based alloy powder. After special surface treatment of this material, the original mechanical parts are more wear-resistant and more resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

6) Boron Nitride special absorber - providing the ability to travel in space. It is applied to energy in powder form as solid fuel for transmitting rockets.

7) Boron Nitride additive -- a good partner in the chemical industry. Because of its stable chemical properties, boron carbide does not react with acid and alkali solutions and has a high degree of chemistry, it is widely used in the production of other boron-containing materials, such as zirconium borate, titanium borate, etc.

         8) Boron Nitride -- an essential high-grade refractory material. As boron carbide has the characteristics of oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance, it is widely used as advanced shaped and unshaped refractory in various fields of metallurgy, such as steel furnace and kiln furniture.
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