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Application of silicon carbide ceramics


Application of silicon carbide ceramics

Silicon carbide ceramic is an ideal material for manufacturing sealing rings. When it is combined with graphite material, its friction coefficient is smaller than that of alumina ceramic and cemented carbide, and its self-lubrication performance is good. Therefore, it can improve the sealing ring’s lifetime and working reliability, especially in the situation of acid and alkali transportation.

Silicon carbide ceramics are also widely used for bulletproof vehicles, such as the bulletproof car, warship, safes and cash-carrying vehicles. The ballistic performance of silicon carbide ceramics is better than that of alumina ceramics. Due to its low cost, it is especially suitable for occasions where the protective armor should largely used and thickness and heaviness should be avoided.

        There are also many kinds of ceramic materials used as nozzles, such as alumina, silicon carbide and boron carbide ceramics. The alumina ceramic nozzle is low in price, but due to its low hardness and poor wear resistance, it is mostly used in occasions with small sand blasting workload. The lifetime of silicon carbide ceramics is 3~5 times longer than that of alumina ceramics, which is equivalent to that of cemented carbide. It is mostly used as a substitute for cemented carbide, especially in the hand-held spray gun.

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