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Why alumina crucible breaks?


Why does rupture occur to your alumina crucible during use? Through communication with our customer, we found that the main reason for the rupture of alumina crucible is improper use. If you use it in a wrong way, there will be rupture occurring due to the following reasons:

 (1) The temperature rises too fast in the preheating process.

(2) The damage is caused by the rapid heating of the alumina crucible after being wetted during storage.

(3) The thermal expansion of the remaining metal at the bottom of the crucible may also cause this kind of damage.

(4) A hard object hits the bottom of the crucible.

(5) The crucible is placed on slags.

(6) When taking out of the crucible, you use more than enough force, which may cause breaks to it.

(7) Nozzle control is not correct. When some part of the crucible is overheated, it will break due to the thermal stress.

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