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Application of zirconia products


Application of zirconia products

1. Ceramics sintered from nano zirconia powder have become one of the main structural ceramics due to their excellent phase transformation and toughening properties; In the research of nanocomposites, significant results have been achieved by using nano zirconia as a dispersed relative matrix for strengthening and toughening; As an ideal electrolyte, stabilized nano zirconia has been widely used in solid oxide fuel cell;

2. Nano zirconia has special optical properties, with a reflectivity of over 85% for ultraviolet long wave, medium wave, and infrared. After the coating dries, the nano particles closely fill the gaps between the coatings to form a complete air insulation layer, and their own low thermal conductivity can force the heat transfer time in the coating to become longer, so that the coating also has a low thermal conductivity, which can improve the thermal insulation performance of the coating;

3. Nano zirconia can also be used as refractory materials: electronic ceramic sintering support pads, refractory materials for melting glass and metallurgical metals; The application in high-tech fields is expanding day by day; 4. Nano zirconia is applied to various oily coatings and paints. Improving wear resistance, used in functional coating materials with anti-corrosion and antibacterial effects, improving wear resistance and fire resistance; 5. Nano zirconia can be used in high-strength, high toughness, and wear-resistant products such as mill liners, cutting tools, wire drawing dies, hot extrusion dies, nozzles, valves, balls, pump parts, and various sliding components.

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