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What's the difference between zirconia beads and steel balls?

First, steel balls will rust, but zirconia beads will not rust, and will not affect the materials.

Second, steel balls are metals that conduct electricity, while zirconia is an inert material that is insulated from electricity.

Third, the chemical stability of zirconia beads is strong, do not react with materials, feature alkali corrosion resistance, suitable for grinding ferric oxide and other magnetic materials, and steel balls will be magnetic and corrode.

Fourth, as polishing abrasives, steel balls will make the workpiece black at high temperature. The chemical properties of zirconia are stable, and 5% yttrium oxide is used as the stabilizer, so that the grinding effect reaches a very high level.

Fifth, zirconia beads have the same inside and outside quality, with high density, high toughness, and will not produce broken beads phenomenon.

Sixth, zirconia beads are about 20% lighter than steel balls, and good mobility, high sphericity, smooth surface, easy to clean, reduce the wear of equipment.

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