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Boron nitride composite material


Boron nitride is an artificially synthesized non-oxide ceramic material, which is isoelectronic with C2, so it has a similar crystal structure with carbon elemental substance. Common boron nitride includes hexagonal crystal like graphite (H-BN) and cubic crystal like diamond (C-BN). Boron nitride has excellent physical and chemical properties such as high temperature resistance, thermal vibration resistance, oxidation resistance, high thermal conductivity, high resistivity, high dielectric properties, self-lubrication, low density, good processability, chemical corrosion resistance, and non wetting with various metals.

Introducing boron nitride into composite materials can not only fully display the advantages of BN ceramics, but also make up for the shortcomings of single-phase boron nitride ceramic materials such as low mechanical properties, poor rain-corrosion resistance, and difficulty in making large shaped components. So the composite materials with excellent comprehensive performance can be applied in fields such as thermal protection materials, high-temperature wave transmission materials, high-performance aviation friction materials, and antioxidant coating materials.

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