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Characteristics of beryllium oxide ceramics


Characteristics of beryllium oxide ceramics

Beryllium oxide has wide applications in the fields of special metallurgy, vacuum electronics, nuclear technology, microelectronics, and optoelectronics due to its high thermal conductivity, high insulation, high melting point, high strength, low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, high chemical and stability, and good process adaptability.

Especially in high-power semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, microwave vacuum devices and nuclear reactors, BeO has always been a mainstream ceramic material for preparing high thermal conductivity components.

So, the biggest advantage of BeO is: high thermal conductivity!

Beryllium oxide ceramics not only have high thermal conductivity, but also have excellent electrical properties.

Dielectric constant ε It is a measure of the ability of dielectric to store charge, usually called permittivity, and is a characteristic parameter of ceramics. The tangent value of the dielectric loss angle is a key special parameter that accounts for the power loss of ceramics in electromagnetic fields. These two are influenced by factors such as chemical composition, bulk density, microstructure, as well as frequency and temperature.

For beryllium oxide ceramics, it is usually: as the tangent value of the dielectric loss angle increases, ε There is not much change. But in some cases, as the frequency increases, ε The value will slightly increase; Or as the frequency increases, ε It will become slightly smaller.

So, BeO has an advantage: low dielectric loss!

As is well known, BeO is a toxic substance, and the BeO dust and steam generated during manufacturing and use can cause serious harm to human health. The protective measures taken to prevent its toxicity have added to the cost, making previously expensive BeO ceramics even more expensive.

So, the biggest problem with BeO is that the dust is toxic and expensive!

During the production process of beryllium oxide ceramics, the presence of dust and steam belongs to the category of high toxicity, but compared to beryllium mining and refining. The difference in skin concentration and toxicity is significant, and effective protective measures can completely avoid the occurrence of poisoning.

Although beryllium oxide powder has high toxicity and high cost, it is still widely used in relevant fields and parts both domestically and internationally. The following will briefly introduce the various application fields of beryllium oxide ceramics.
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