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Nexgen sintering ceramics


Nexgen sintering ceramics

The granular ceramic body densification and the formation of solid material technology

method called sintering is to eliminate the void between the particles in the

body of the billet, the exclusion of a small amount of gas and impurities

organic matter, so that the particles grow together with each other, the

formation of a new substance method of burning the heating device used the most

widely used electric furnace. In addition to atmospheric pressure sintering

that is, no pressure sintering, there are hot pressing sintering and hot

isostatic pressing sintering and other continuous hot pressing sintering

although the output is increased, but the cost of equipment and mold is too

high, in addition because of axial heating, the length of the product is

limited by hot isostatic pressing sintering using high temperature and high

pressure gas as the pressure transfer medium, with the advantages of uniform

heating in all directions, it is suitable for the sintering of complex shaped

products due to the uniform structure, the material properties are 30~50%

higher than that of cold pressing sintering and 10 ~ 15% higher than that of

general hot pressing sintering.

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