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​What is alumina ceramics?


1. Alumina ceramics are a type of ceramic material made from alumina as the main raw material through shaping and sintering.

2. Alumina ceramics have the characteristics of extremely high hardness, excellent mechanical strength, and good high temperature stability.

3. Common alumina ceramics include sapphire ceramics, yellowstone ceramics, etc.

4. They are widely used in industrial production under working conditions that require wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

5. Such as cutting tools, precision bearings, valve parts, turbine blades, etc.

6. Alumina ceramic preparation methods include cold isostatic pressing preparation, hot pressing sintering preparation, etc.

7. Controlling alumina purity, sintering temperature and sintering atmosphere is the key to obtaining excellent performance.

8. Based on its unique properties, alumina ceramics are a very important type of engineering ceramic materials

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