Lanthanum Hexaboride Ceramic

With over ten years of experience in supplying high quality materials for customers such as labs, universities, factories and companies of any size, Nextgen Advanced Materials is capable of supplying Lanthanum Hexaboride Ceramic with competitive price and high quality to meet customers’ need according to a strict quality control procedure, including raw materials selection, production control, products inspections, fine packing and delivery. 

Lanthanum Hexaboride, also called LaB6 cathode, is an inorganic chemical of rare earths. With melting point 2528 K, it is a refractory ceramic material, which is insoluble in water or hydrochloric acid and very stable in vacuum. Lanthanum Hexaboride Ceramic is widely used in the following fields such as Radio therapy devices, Surface analysis device, Electron beam lithography device, Electron beam surface reforming device, Vacuum electron beam welding machine and so on. 

Supported by our rich experience in the field of high purity materials, we are able to help customers select materials, design products and provide them with technical support. We have advantages in costs due to our wide source channel. Therefore, we always have the ability to provide high quality and reliable Lanthanum Hexaboride ceramic products at the most competitive prices for our customers. 
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  • Lanthanum Boride, also called Lanthanum Hexaboride or LaB6, is an inorganic chemical. Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies Lanthanum Hexaboride Discs with high quality and fast delivery, and customized products are available.

  • Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) cathodes usually show 10 times the brightness and 50 times the service life of tungsten cathodes. Nextgen Advanced Materials supplies Lanthanum Hexaboride Cathode with high quality and fast delivery and customized products are also available.

Lanthanum Hexaboride Ceramic is one kind of products from Nextgen factory. As the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers, we provide customized products. For a better future, we will strive to provide Lanthanum Hexaboride Ceramic in stock with quick delivery. With competitive prices, we are expecting become your long-term partner.
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