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  • High-performance ceramic materials are new materials with special and superior properties. All countries have given special attention to basic and applied research and engineering, especially in information, national defense, modern transportation and energy industries. status. According to the application prospects of high-performance ceramic materials, the author introduces the performance and application scope of new high-performance ceramic materials, the development and application status of the market and new fields of development and application, as well as the high-performance ceramic materials being developed; development trend.


  • The US company Raytheon produced industrial-scale pyrolytic graphite products in 1956, which were successfully applied to the aerospace industry. Compared with ordinary graphite crucibles (made from natural flake graphite as the main raw material and plastic refractory clay or carbon as the binder), pyrolytic graphite crucibles are made from a new type of carbon material - pyrolytic graphite.


  • Silicon nitride ceramic is an inorganic material that does not shrink during sintering. It is made of silicon powder that is used as raw material.


  • According to "European alumina ceramic market forecast by 2027 – COVID-19 impact and analysis – by application (electronics and semiconductors, energy and power, military and national defense, automotive, industrial, medical, etc.)"


  • Lanthanum hexaboride, referred to as lanthanum boride, molecular formula: LaB6, purple powder, insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid, very widely used, has been successfully...


  • Zirconia ball belongs to a class of grinding beads, its density 6.0, bulk specific gravity 3.2, containing about 95% zirconium, containing about yttrium 4.8%, also known...


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