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  • Recently, NAM smoothly completed the production of a batch of Lanthanum Hexaboride tubes for Italian customer according to the specified dimensions. Lanthanum Hexaboride tube, also called lanthanum boride tube and LaB6 tube, has excellent performance such as high conductivity, good stability, and lower evaporation rate. Our LaB6 products are usually used as the cathode material which is widely used in many fields of modern technology, such as plasma generators, rf ion sources, mass spectrometers, electronic micromirrors, and some electronics. If you need more information about Lab6 products, please contact Nextgen Advanced Materials.


  • BORON NITRIDE NOZZLE In recent years, amorphous alloy materials have developed rapidly, and with the development of industry technology, higher requirements have been put forward for nozzle materials used in the key link of tape making. The composite ceramic material developed for amorphous strip production has excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, creep resistance and easy processing properties, which can meet the production of various amorphous strips, especially suitable for the needs of broadband amorphous strip production.


  • Nextgen Advanced Materials applied intelligent production equipment to reduce labor input, enhance production efficiency and ensure production safety. More importantly, we made great efforts to protect the environment. All the production plants of Nextgen Advanced Materials have wastewater and waste gas treatment stations, which not only solve the pollution and emission problems in industrial production, but also meet the environmental protection standards required by the industry, and truly achieve zero emissions. In addition, Nextgen Advanced Materials makes use of solar photovoltaic technology for energy storage and power supply to produce its various products such as Zirconia Ceramic Needle, Zirconia Ceramic Pin, Zro2 Tube, ZrO2 ring, etc. Nextgen Advanced Materials also effectively implemented the production dedusting scheme, providing a safe workshop production environment for front-line employees, and providing medical security for employees.


  • The properties of silicon carbide ceramic are very similar to diamonds - it is one of the lightest, hardest and strongest technical ceramic materials, with excellent thermal conductivity, acid resistance and low thermal expansibility. When physical wear is an important factor, silicon carbide is a good material because it has good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, which can be used in various applications, such as nozzle, shotgun nozzle and cyclone component.


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